Advanced Medical Laboratory Analysis

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Medical Laboratory Tests Performed

1- Clinical Chemistry 2- Endocrinology 3- Immunology 4- Serology 5- Microbiology 6- Coagulation 7- Hematology 8- Electrolytes 9- Therapeutic Drugs Monitoring 10- Drugs of Abuse 11- Immunosuppressant Drugs Monitoring 12 - Bacteriology



Technologies Used:
  • Hematology Department: ABX PENTRA 60 C+, 5 Part Differential / 26 Parameters hematology analyzer, Impedance method of detection
  • Endocrinology Department: ROCHE E411, using the new ion-capture technology for immunoassays
  • Chemistry Department: Thermo Scientific - Konelab, fully automated using absorbance photometry and immunoturbidimetric techniques
  • Serology Department: Chorus Trio, fully automated elisa by SMC technology for autoimmune, routine, and special infectious tests
  • Drugs Department: Thermo Scientific - INDIKO, fully automated analyzer dedicated for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring tests, Drugs of Abuse, and Immunosuppressant Drugs

On-Site Chest X-Ray and Blood Drawing

Free On-Site Chest X-Ray along with Blood Drawing and other samples collection performed for most of our local hotel employees in Beirut.

Value - Added Services


    • Home Service -- Our licensed and Highly trained Medical Technologists are available to visit your homes to pick-up/collect specimen for your laboratory test requirements.
  • Courier Services -- our courteous couriers will safely transport your specimens to our lab and deliver results promptly.
  • Client Services -- Our friendly personnel are available to answer all your queries and concerns through our landline (01 325327 – 01 325328), Cell phone (78 885159), email